Code of Ethics

Both Buyers and Sellers understand and agree to:

● Ensure that the welfare of the rabbits in their care is a priority; their well-being, security, and safety is to be placed above all other business considerations
● Continue educating themselves in order to provide the most suitable, research-driven care practices for the rabbits in their care
● Maintain clean, secure, safe enclosures for their rabbit(s)
● Abide by all local, state and federal laws, including but not limited to the Lacey Act.
● Make reasonable efforts to ensure the buyer has the ability to responsibly care for the rabbit(s)
● Communicate in a professional manner- openly, honestly and appropriately – with interested buyers
● Purchase a rabbit only if they are able to responsibly care for and support it
● Respond quickly to problems reported by their customers and resolve them in a fair, reasonable manner*
● Represent Global Rabbit Network positively and in a professional, supportive, manner

Rules & Regulations

Both Buyers and Sellers understand and agree that:

● No animals may be listed, purchased or sold if they are under 8 weeks of age
● Pedigrees are not included unless specifically discussed between buyer and seller
● Pedigrees are to be complete, thorough and accurate
● All photos on a breeder’s profile must be said breeder’s original property
● All users of this website are responsible for knowing and abiding by all applicable laws within their federal, state, and local jurisdictions with regards to the purchasing, transporting, shipping, and keeping of rabbits. Sellers are additionally responsible for laws pertaining to collecting, breeding, and selling


The Global Rabbit Network advocates for and promotes the safe and responsible keeping and breeding of rabbits. We believe it is vital to build a strong, responsible community dedicated to this welfare. Though other organizations may have differing viewpoints regarding rabbit keeping and breeding, it is our responsibility to do what we believe is best. Because our users work with live animals, our platform may be scrutinized by people who disagree: aggressive animal activists, rescue organizations, etc. We must remember to always conduct ourselves in an open-minded, honest manner and to respect all opinions. In doing so, we will maintain our safe, positive space for rabbits!


At GRN, we recognize that the privacy of your personal information is important. We do not share any of your personal information, including information you list on this site, with any third parties or other entities. Should a buyer email us directly with an inquiry, we will reach out to you directly to ask permission before sharing any of your personal contact information.