We utilize a traditional rating system wherein buyers can rate sellers using a 5- star review system. We encourage reasonable, honest ratings and ask that our users remain as objective as possible when leaving reviews; for many people, their farm is their livelihood and an unjustified negative review damages credibility.

*If you feel as though you have received an unjustified review or a review does not accurately reflect a transaction or exchange, please reach out to us directly at: info@globalrabbitnetwork.com In your email, please specify your name, the seller’s name and rabbitry name, and any pertinent information to the case. We will review it and reach back out to you within 48 hours with next steps.


Though we provide a listing service for breeders and a safe space for communication among all users, all transactions are handled outside of our platform; buyers and sellers do not have the capability to pay through our site. Once a buyer and seller have reached an agreement, it is up to both parties to finalize details and payment on their own, privately. Global Rabbit Network has no control over any exchange of funds between parties. We are unable to handle transaction disputes; you buy and sell at your own risk. Please do your research!


If you come across an ad that explicitly violates the site rules, please click report it by clicking report abuse. Please also email us at info@globalrabbitnetwork.com with the following additional information and we will address it immediately:

  • Seller’s name and rabbitry name
  • Date the listing was posted
  • Any other useful information
  • Attach any pertinent screenshots for us to review (images, messages, etc.)
Example of When to Report:
  • Rabbits listed are younger than 8 weeks
  • Rabbits are pictured in an unsanitary environment
  • Rabbits pictured are not property of the breeder who is listing them
Examples of When NOT to Report:
  • Disagreement with the seller
  • Unhappy with a listing price
  • Don’t like the seller’s point of view


We try our very best to both operate as an inclusive platform to all hobby breeders and protect buyers by constantly monitoring our site for misleading information or unreasonable users. Though we cannot resolve all disputes or disagreements between users, we promise to investigate any case wherein there is evidence to suggest a violation of rules or user agreements. We ask that you, the user, do your very best to keep an open-mind and work diligently to resolve an issue before contacting us for intervention. If you feel you have done everything in your power and are still unable to make progress with another user, please reach out to us directly at info@globalrabbitnetwork.com with the following information:
  • Your name and contact information
  • A detailed summary of the communication
  • Any pertinent screenshots of communication, images, etc.
We will respond to your case within 48 hours and determine if we need to meet with any other parties involved. We aim to have cases resolved within 5 business days.
We are unable to:
  • Refund you for a rabbit you purchased; again, all transactions are handled outside of our site, privately.
  • Refund your monthly subscription(s) to our site
  • Offer you any compensation
We are able to:
  • Mitigate certain situations by approaching them from a neutral standpoint and in doing so, work closely with all involved users to try and reach a level of mutual understanding
  • Suspend or permanently ban someone from our site with or without reason, without refund for active subscriptions