Andrew Persin, Founder

Welcome! My name is Andrew and I began this journey in 2021 as a breeder. After recognizing a need in the industry, I created the Global Rabbit Network to help connect breeders with prospective buyers worldwide! I am a full-time high school English teacher, husband and father.

Alyssa Trump, Creative Director

Welcome! My name is Alyssa but I go by Lu. My passion for rabbits began in 2001 at 8 years old when I got my first rabbit for 4H. I am an elementary teacher, dog mom and small farm hobbyist with a dream to own a larger farm one day that is a discovery/learning center for all but especially young children!


The Global Rabbit Network strives to advance rabbit health and well-being by connecting rabbit enthusiasts worldwide through its diverse, information-rich website dedicated to rabbit welfare, rooted in the following principles:
● Commitment to the interests of both ethical breeders and owners worldwide
● Dedication to providing current educational information for the benefit of all users
● Protection of all rabbits’ welfare through legitimate, ethical commerce

Who Are We?

We are not Social Media:

Facebook and Instagram “do not permit the sales of live animals” and therefore have the right at any moment, without warning, to disable your account and ban you from their platform; all of your valuable hard-earned content, gone with little chance of recovery. These platforms do not offer any customer service and do not support buyers and sellers in the event of miscommunication, faulty transactions, etc.

We are not Craigslist:

Craigslist “does not permit the sales of pets” and only allows specific animals to be rehomed with a “low rehoming fee.” Craigslist has no customer support or moderation in terms of who uses their site, the quality of items sold, etc. If the ad isn’t blatantly illegal, it may be published and remain active

We are not outdated:

Archaic, clunky forum-based classifieds sites exist; however, most contacts on these sites are outdated and oftentimes are no longer involved with rabbit breeding. The search capabilities are extremely limited and there is virtually no customer support; they function more as limited directories, glorified lists.

We ARE Global Rabbit Network:

Global Rabbit Network is a platform specifically designed for bunny enthusiasts by bunny enthusiasts. Our marketplace is built for users to buy and sell rabbits in a safe, ethically responsible space, among an open-minded, supportive community. We have quality requirements for the ads posted and high expectations for both buyers and sellers. We are constantly monitoring all advertisements, listings, forum posts, etc. and we strive to maintain healthy, timely communication with all of our users.
*Global Rabbit Network is not liable for anything that occurs as a result of buying, selling, or advertising in this marketplace; you do so at your own risk.


Global Rabbit Network is the first and only rabbit marketplace in existence. Our website is customized to ensure a smooth and superior user experience. Members will be able to:
● Promote their rabbitry, feature litters and communicate with interested buyers
● Grow their customer base by reaching new buyers through our extensive network
● Enhance and strengthen their breeder brand with enhanced visual presence on our site
● Strengthen their credibility and reputation within the community with featured ads and custom profile options

Safe Buying

The following best practices will help ensure a positive purchasing experience:
*Global Rabbit Network has no control over any exchange of funds between parties. We are unable to handle transaction disputes; you buy and sell at your own risk. Please do your research!

*If you feel as though you have experienced an unfair, misleading or inaccurate exchange, please reach out to us directly at: In your email, please specify your name, the seller’s name and rabbitry name, and any pertinent information to the case. We will review it and reach back out to you within 48 hours.

How To Sell

Register (by clicking the “post your ad” button on the top right of your screen OR clicking the account emoji)

Verify account via email

Log in and update your profile with bio, profile picture and other pertinent information

Click the “post your ad” button on the top right corner of your screen and follow the drop down menu prompts!

How To Buy

Register (by clicking the account emoji at the top right of the home page)

Verify account via email

Log in and update your profile with bio, profile picture and other pertinent information

Opening Your Rabbitry on the Global Rabbit Network

In this video tutorial, we explain how to open a rabbitry with Global Rabbit Network and begin selling your buns!

*GRN no longer supports free ads; please register and subscribe!

Are you a beginner who needs mentorship in opening a physical rabbitry in your area?

We are standing by to help guide you in this rewarding endeavor!